exploring the human space between digital pulses

We perform live music composed in the moment
Driven by vigorous electronic beats
Blended with acoustic instruments
Recorded on the spot
Transformed into dreamlike states

About the band

Electronic improvised music, handmade beats, acoustic instruments - without a laptop or a power socket.

In the forest, on the streets, at open airs, festivals and in clubs. A deep kick drum, immersive vocals, rythmical drumming and hypnotic basslines synchronize with the pulsating crowd to an energetic climax. This is the essence of Pulsar Collective.

Karl and Simon met at the Music Tech Fest in 2016, whilst tinkering with their DIY instruments and started jamming right away. The musical project grew over time so that in 2018 it was named Pulsar Collective and they started perfoming in some clubs and festivals around Berlin.

In its core configuration, the band uses a drum machine and an electric guitar with a loop station together with various effects. Nevertheless an international collective of talented musicians and friends also formed around its base. This way various collaborations already included instruments like Handpan, oriental percussion, Kanun, Violin, Ney, bowed Cümbüs and Didgeridoo.

Pulsar Collective lay a foundation of organic house grooves which are combined with influences of psychodelic rock, oriental music as well as funk and soul.

As every performance is improvised, every set is unique and crafted from the interaction with the audience.


Latest Impressions